• surveying the causes of tendency of islamabad qarb youth to synthetic drugs and ways to prevent it

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    surveying the social and emotional causes and factors in tendency to addiction among youth of islamabad qarb has been investigated in this research. for this purpose, effectiveness of each factor has been surveyed and studied separately through the field researches. researches show that social factors including divorce and wrong beliefs affected the tendency of youth of islamabad qarb to synthetic drugs significantly. in addition to the social dimension, economical and financial factors affected the addiction of youth of this city a lot. according to findings of this research the share of social and economical factors among other factors related to tendency of youth of this region to addiction to synthetic drugs effected more. of course besides the mentioned parameters, some other factors like being a border city in terms of geographical is an effective factor in tendency of youth to synthetic drugs, because in boarders of country drug trafficking and presence of smugglers are more bold naturally and such synthetic drugs have been available for youth easily. factors like lack of sport infrastructure and suitable alternative programs to suffuse the youth's free-time are the affective factors on tendency of youth of this city to drugs; unemployment, poverty, and wrong beliefs of youth of this city also were effective in this research. all in all, factors like emigration, illiteracy, unemployment, abusing the wrong culture and beliefs, and even bonanza which were in hands of some smugglers and they take action to synthetic drugs trade through them. about preventing the addiction, results of this research show the priority in this city are in social, economical, and cultural factors which if there be the instructions and preparation the operating field of three recent cases, they can be affecting on process of reducing the usage of synthetic drugs among youth of this city significantly.

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