• investigation and analysis of natural tourist effect on physical development of farah abad coastal town

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    the main objective of this study is to review and analyze the effects of natural tourism on the physical development of the coastal city of farah abad, which was conducted as a case study in farah-abad city. the research was descriptive - analytical survey method and questionnaire with o.83 reliability was used to collect information. research population consisted of all households in the city of farah-abad who lived in the city in 2013, that according to morgan table, 300 of them were selected as sample population. investigation supports the hypothesis of a significant relationship between tourism and the development of the coastal city. also, there is meaningful relationship between independent variables of natural tourism, social development and economic development and cultural development. in addition to this hypothesis results showed that among the independent variables, gender, marital status and duration of residence there is a significant relationship with the dependent variable physical development and this hypothesis is confirmed. but the relationship between the age independent variable and the dependent variable of physical development didn't observed.  our explanation claim in this research is that coastal, natural tourism, according to many attractions has failed to attract a large tourists and didn't cause coastal city's physical development. the real question is that, why tourism (ecotourism), in spite of having numerous attractions in the seaside town could not be successful in the physical development? the research is based on the device's integrated model and hypotheses have been drawn from theoretical models. research method was survey. data collection was done by questionnaire. data analysis performed by  spss software  and  the technique of pearson correlation coefficient, single regression was used to analyze the data .also, single regression   coefficient`s fixed rate was equal to  96/11 respectively. it also indicates that the variable has a  greater share related to explaining other variables physical development.

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