• the impact of sustainable architecture on iranian vernacular architecture

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    the impact of sustainable architecture on iranian vernacular architecture

    detrimental consequences of excessive use of natural resources and lack of attention to environmental issues have led to sustainable design and as a result a sustainable architecture has become inevitable. therefore, nowadays, one of the recent debates on architecture is sustainable architecture, and consequently, compatible design with environment in a way to be consistent with the climate. that is, the use of modern materials by considering a climate of each region in terms of their compatibilities with the construction to avoid any harm and damage. on this basis the major principles are by taking into account of physical, climatic, geographic, historical, socio-cultural background, perceiving the surroundings and receiving the message of the context of the project from the surrounding environment. this research outlines the necessity of coordinating the architecture with its foundation in sustainable architecture and it refers to different levels and scales from micro to macro while introducing the dimensions and various aspects of the site. it also indicates some examples of sustainable patterns in the vernacular architecture of iran desert as a consistent architecture with the principles of sustainable architecture, emphasizing the principle of coordination with the site. finally, strategies and patterns to achieve contemporary sustainable architecture and the elimination of contemporary environmental issues will be presented. the present study has been prepared by data collection tool, objective observations and the study of written resources and documents.

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