• submaximal aerobic exercise effects on blood hemostasis in obese low-mobility women

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    submaximal aerobic exercise effects on blood hemostasis in obese low-mobility women

    objective: the current study aimed at exploring the effect of 8- week sub maximal aerobic exercises on main blood hemostasis factors such as, t-pa, pai-1, plasminogen, fibrinogen, d-dimer, pt and ptt in obese low-mobility women.methods: in current semi- experimental study, 20 women (25-30 years) with low mobility and bmi> 30 kg/m2 voluntarily participated and randomly assigned in two control (without exercise intervention) and aerobic (8 weeks: 10 minutes warm-up, 30-45 minutes sub-maximal aerobic with 60-85 of hr max, and 5 minutes cool down) groups. blood sampling was measured, one day before the first exercise session and 6 to 48 hours after the last exercise session. data were analyzed by pair wise t- test and independent t- test. p < 0.05 was considered the significance level. results: the mean of t-pa, pai-1, plasminogen, fibrinogen, d-dimer, and pt increased in the aerobic group (p<0.05). but, ptt decreased significantly (p < 0.05).there was no significant difference in main fibrinolysis and coagulation factors in control group (p>0.05). there was significant difference between aerobic and control groups after 8 weeks exercise in above factors (p<0.05). conclusions: the current study suggested that submaximal aerobic exercise can modulate the most of blood hemostasis factors. aerobic exercises with an intensity more than 50% of hr max and duration of above one hour can improve body mass index and then can control the balance of fibrinolysis and coagulation factors.

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