• investigate the reasons for providing career counseling in schools

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    investigate the reasons for providing career counseling in schools

    today, human beings live in complex times; one of the characteristics of this course is the specialization of issues and the dependence of people on each other to use their expertise for the continuation of a balanced life. there is no doubt that human beings need serious counseling. it's not just about the day-to-day issues and problems of today's life, but also the need for mental and spiritual counseling and foresight.

    students need counseling in many of their personal and social affairs. they want to turn to experienced counselors for help with personal, family, educational and professional matters. a survey found that more than two-thirds of the 10,000 students were willing to share their issues and decisions with educated counselors who were confident in their competence and knowledge, especially confidentiality.

    necessity of the issue: economic and industrial progress in today's world, diversity of fields of study and expansion of vocational training, employment of parents outside the home and their lack of knowledge of guidance methods, implementation of public education and attention to the quality of education and other factors which are effective in student adaptation, all indicate the philosophy, importance and necessity of the counseling program, and justify the creation of a specific organization and system to achieve the desired goals.

    objective and conclusion: the counseling program in schools is designed to create a favorable relationship with the environment and to use the interests and talents of students in appropriate ways, in a way that meets the needs of society from different angles. of course, the necessity of having a consultant is not to solve all the problems, problems and troubles of people, but in his talent and adequacy in helping clients, to the extent that in exchange for salaries and investment to train him, he is a valuable being and genuine service. comes.

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