• gradient elasticity in statics and dynamics: an overview of formulations, length scale identification procedures, finite element implementations and new results

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     in this paper, we discuss various formats of gradient elasticity and their performance in static and dynamic applications. gradient elasticity theories provide extensions of the classical equations of elasticity with additional higher-order spatial derivatives of strains, stresses and/or accelerations. we focus on the versatile class of gradient elasticity theories whereby the higher-order terms are the laplacian of the corresponding lower-order terms. one of the challenges of formulating gradient elasticity theories is to keep the number of additional constitutive parameters to a minimum. we start with discussing the general mindlin theory, that in its most general form has 903 constitutive elastic parameters but which were reduced by mindlin to three independent material length scales. further simplifications are often possible. in particular, the aifantis theory has only one additional parameter in statics and opens up a whole new field of analytical and numerical solution procedures. we also address how this can be extended to dynamics. an overview of length scale identification and quantification procedures is given. finite element implementations of the most commonly used versions of gradient elasticity are discussed together with the variationally consistent boundary conditions. details are provided for particular formats of gradient elasticity that can be implemented with simple, linear finite element shape functions. new numerical results show the removal of singularities in statics and dynamics, as well as the size-dependent mechanical response predicted by gradient elasticity.

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