• clay sand soil liquefaction (tabriz najm project)

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    • تاریخ ارائه: 1395/12/01
    • تاریخ انتشار در تی پی بین: 1395/12/01
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    liquefaction is a phenomena in which high pore overpressure is developed due to seismic cyclic loading (and reaches to the limit of effective vertical enclosing pressures), leading to intensive loss of stability and rigidity. iran is located on the earthquake-prone belt of alpine – himalayan which made earthquake event as a most damaging disaster in the country. occurring different earthquakes in recent years like manjil, ardabil, bam, ahar … confirms this problem. this study investigates liquefaction in the commerical project of najm in tabriz. for this purpose software model of flac is used for analysis.

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