• main components of managerial intelligence (mi) and entrepreneurship

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    in the current review article, the author touched on the importance of having a well-established definition for management intelligence (mi) by introducing four separate components for the definition: intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, executive intelligence, and metacognitive regulation. these components were briefly discussed to be related to an organization and entrepreneurship. the last component, metacognitive awareness, was specially introduced to be comprising of declarative, procedural, and conditional knowledge that can affect all decisions and stages of development and progress of a business enterprise. indeed, monitoring through the lens of metacognition can lay the ground for a successful organization or a small-group entrepreneurship in the face of novel experiences. it was also noted that metacognition is a regulatory process that helps with the proper transformation of our knowledge of the unknown/uncertain situations to the knowledge of the known/ certain that leads to innovation. as for future research, the author stated that precisely defining the components of intelligence could be so important that could be a suitable topic for further elaboration in future researches.

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