• the impact of the quality of financial reporting on unusual fluctuations in stock returns

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    anomaly output vibrancy has priority to some cases like portfolio diversification, active management portfolio and relation between risk and reward; also examination of impact factors on it could be important.  in this research is evaluated about impact of finance reporting quality and time passage on output of anomaly stock in accepted companies in tehran stock exchange for five years period (between 2009 to 2013). in this study are used from two models of decho & dicho and francis for measurement the finance reporting quality and time passage. also in this research linear regression is used for data analysis. this study is application type and also in terms of inference is description-analytical (apriority) and in terms of research plan is scientific. variables of finance reporting quality (fqr2), vibrancy of yearly stock output (vcf) and variable of book value to market value (bm) with significant level of less than 0.05 have significant impact on relative variable. variables of investment stock ratio (inst) with significant level of more than 0.05 have no significant impact on relative variable, so these variables have no significant impact on anomaly vibrancy of stock output.

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