• an overview on the green petroleum production

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    given the greenhouse gas emissions and future biofuels control, it is encouraged to look for alternatives to raw materials and green granular processes in the crop to produce these biodegradable chemicals. in addition, bio-oil or disinfectant crop oil for the production of second-generation biofuels, bio-oil can be processed in various refining units and may also result in green diesel production, which is not only an opportunity but also an opportunity. it's a challenge for the oil industry.

    green oil or diesel green can be produced by renewable diesel processing with petroleum oil in the current hydroprocessing unit. hoping to discover the mechanism and optimization of processing technology by adding quantities of oils and animal fats to the traditional oil refining process, much research and work has been done on the processing process and simultaneous processing processes. green oil this is a literature review of green oil production using hydroprocessing and concurrent processing.

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