• evaluation of effect of force generated in bolts with t-stub connections

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    evaluation of effect of force generated in bolts with t-stub connections

    numerous failures of fully welded flexural joints have encouraged structural designers to consider other types of alternative joints. these failure modes have been unexpected and frightening, including welded joints used to provide the optimal combination of strength, stiffness, and ductility in flexural strength frames. the research conducted in this research leads to the development of criteria for the design and use of screw fittings with an emphasis on t-stub fittings. the primary goal is to elucidate the transmission and deformation mechanism presented in this type of connection, as well as to develop simple and reliable models for use in developing the design strategy for such connections.

    the ultimate goal is to provide design tools that balance the price and performance of screw joints for designers and employers. in this research, the screws were modeled in abacus software, and by applying force, the obtained results showed that by increasing the length of the flange plate, the lever effect can be strengthened, which is effective in the tensile behavior of the screws. however, at the level of rupture performance of the web plate, the thickness of the flange plate (tf) is effective because when the screw reaches its final stress in its thread, the increase in length can lead to local rupture of the flange plate at the point of contact with the screw.

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