• shrinkage behavior of conventional and nonconventional concrete: a review

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    shrinkage behavior of conventional and nonconventional concrete: a review

    concrete is indeed one of the most consumed construction materials all over the world. in spite of that, its behavior towards absolute volume change is still faced with uncertainties in terms of chemical and physical reactions at different stages of its life span, starting from the early time of hydration process, which depends on various factors including water/cement ratio, concrete proportioning and surrounding environmental conditions.

    this interest in understanding and defining the different types of shrinkage and the factors impacting each one is driven by the importance of these volumetric variations in determining the concrete permeability, which ultimately controls its durability. many studies have shown that the total prevention of concrete from undergoing shrinkage is impractical. however, different practices have been used to control various types of shrinkage in concrete and limit its magnitude. this paper provides a detailed review of the major and latest findings regarding concrete shrinkage types, influencing parameters, and their impacts on concrete properties. also, it discusses the efficiency of the available chemical and mineral admixtures in controlling the shrinkage of concrete.

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