• features and conditions of crimes against properties and ownership and strategies

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    issues related to crime against properties or ownership have been concerned by criminologists from ancient times. the objective of this study is to investigate crimes against properties and ownership by studying legal articles. sometimes legislator has used the word of properties alone and sometimes he/she has used other term with this term. thus, we first study the concept and structure of criminal policy in criminal laws then we deal with investigation and implementation it in crimes against properties or ownership, and is concluded that there is a relationship between the property and the owner that it is a credit relationship. for example, in article 267 of islamic criminal law theft is defined as stealing property belonging to the other, as is noticeable, the term of property has been used alone and without limitation in the legal regulation. in addition to terms of property, other terms such as funds, documents, transfers, bills and etc have been also used in article 674 of islamic criminal law (about breach of trust), or in article 1 of the law of severe punishments for perpetrators of corruption and financial embezzlement and fraud. also, numerous other factors such as poverty, unemployment, inequality in income distribution and urbanization phenomenon are effective on committing the crime and its effects have been also measured in iran, even economists have measured the degree of influence of other social factors such as education, preventive punishments on committing the crime in this study, it has been tried to investigate the effect of any factors of poverty, unemployment and urbanization on crimes against properties include issuing unpaid cheque, theft and embezzlement, bribery, with motivation of knowing economic factors affecting on crimes against properties in iran.

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