• investigating the weaknesses of the interpol cases control commission

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    investigating the weaknesses of the interpol cases control commission

    the international police organization (interpol) is the second largest international organization after the united nations and has a strategic role to play in finding and prosecuting missing persons and perpetrators of serious criminal offenses, trafficking in human beings, trafficking in drugs and goods. it has terrorism and other transnational crimes. through this organization, the domestic courts of any country can prosecute fugitive criminals in other countries and ask them to arrest him and extradite him to his home country.

    this article uses the descriptive-analytical research method and the method of collecting information in a library and referring to the basic documents of interpol and the published comments and opinions of critics and experts, addresses the weaknesses of the commission and the legality of the investigation, the principle of speed he considers the existence of trial, independence and impartiality and the issue of awareness of the accusation and its evidences as some of its main drawbacks.

    despite advances in processing the requests of individuals under red notice, the commission, as the organization's quasi-judicial body, still faces shortcomings in due process standards. the author concludes that in order to achieve its goals and prevent abuse, the organization needs to re-examine its systems and achieve a balance between professional work and ensuring respect for human rights.

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