• an orientalism reflection on american comic & series: moon knight

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    an orientalism reflection on american comic & series: moon knight

    in 1978 edward said published his book and added a pejorative meaning to orientalism. he argued that western scholarship on east projected the notion of an inferior ‘other’ of europe and thus reflected the new relationships of power generated by imperialism.

    he saw this concept as a style of “thought” based on an ontological and epistemological distinction between the orient and the occident. in postcolonial world, this view has found its way to the field of media and movies. so all the power relations of colonial era and analog world can be regenerated in the post-colonial, digital world with the help of different contents like animations and movies.

    in this study, the american comic and tv series moon knight (2022) was chosen and contrasts of the east and the west were analyzed. in this story london and cairo are symbols of occident and other and elements of characters, music, costumes and settings were considered. it is obvious that orientalism does exist in the digital world and now the dichotomy of subject/object is reproducing by western heroes.

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