• review: probiotics in aquaculture

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    review: probiotics in aquaculture

    aquaculture is growing fast as food producing sector in world. aquaculture has grown as well as becoming important economically zone. several constraints have a negative effect on the growth of aquaculture. one of those, diseases are the primary limiting factors that cause heavy mortality in both wild and cultured fish, especially bacterial disease. however in cultured fish, when fish are subjected to stress condition; can cause the level immune system weak and at last increase the susceptibility to disease. thus disease control in aquaculture industry has been achieved in different ways. use transitional way, antibiotic or chemical substance. using of antibiotic, syntactic substance or pesticides may result in development of antimicrobial resistance bacteria and occurrence of antimicrobial residues in fish tissue.

    hence it may effectuate a negative impact on human health and the environment. therefore, an alternative ways are essential to approach a healthy microbial environment. the concept of biological control disease, use probiotics, has paid widespread attention in recent decade. this review scrutinize and focused on the benefit of using, probiotic , prebiotic administration on growth performance, intestinal microbiota stress tolerance and health of cultured fish.

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