• challenges of hpv vaccination in covid-19 epidemics

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    challenges of hpv vaccination in covid-19 epidemics

    the hpv vaccine can reduce the risk of cervical cancer and improve the quality of life. hpv vaccination has been severely reduced by the covid-19 epidemic. the present study aimed to review the effect of epidemics on reducing hpv vaccine intake. barriers to vaccination were assessed in three groups: individual, structural, logistical, and social. individual barriers included fear of covid-19 exposure, lack of awareness, and anxiety.

    structural and logistical barriers included the unavailability of services due to covid-19, interruption of school vaccinations, lack of personal protective equipment, and delays in diagnosis and treatment. social and economic barriers included transportation delays, travel restrictions, social distance, anti-vaccine campaigns, high vaccine costs, global vaccine supply shortages, recession, and extreme poverty.

    conclusion: considering that hpv vaccination is a strategy to prevent cervical cancer, and since covid-19 has made it difficult to access the hpv vaccine, adopt health strategies and policies, including public education and information, vaccination based on the school, it is essential to provide a single dose of the hpv vaccine until the problems with access to and delivery of the vaccine are resolved.

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