• the ultimate strength of hexa-node for double-layer lattice cooling towers

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     the paper studies the ultimate strength of hexa-node, the structural node used in the construction of a number of double-layer funnel lattice steel cooling towers in iran. understanding the ultimate and the working strength and stiffness of the possible connections is required for the design of a spatial structure. comparison of numerical modelling with the experimental results is the most useful method to investigate the structural behaviour of the joints. the geometry and proportions of a particular connection depends on various factors such as the magnitude of forces, the size of the structural members, the end-details of the elements, the method of construction and economic factors. considering various factors, hexa-node was selected for the design of a number of lattice steel cooling towers. the numerical modelling is used to obtain the structural strength of the hexa-node with abaqus 6.10-1. several multi-directional load conditions that could occur during the life-time of the tower were considered in obtaining the load-displacement diagrams of the hexa-node.

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