• alloyed ni-fe nanoparticles as catalysts for nh3 decomposition

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     a rational design approach was used to develop an alloyed ni-fe/al2o3 catalyst for decomposition of ammonia. the dependence of the catalytic activity is tested as a function of the ni-to-fe ratio, the type of ni-fe alloy phase, the metal loading and the type of oxide support. in the tests with high temperatures and a low nh3-to-h2 ratio, the catalytic activity of the best ni-fe/al2o3 catalyst was found to be comparable or even better to that of a more expensive ru-based catalyst. small ni-fe nanoparticle sizes are crucial for an optimal overall nh3 conversion because of a structural effect favoring the smallest particles in terms of catalytic activity per active site. compared with sio2, zro2 and tio2, the support materials al2o3 or mg-al-spinel give the highest performance in the high temperature range.

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