• numerical simulation of i-section steel beams under blast loading

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     there is significant interest amongst computational mechanics researchers in the area of investigating structures under blast loading since many recent collapses of buildings were due to accidental or intentional explosion. blast loads can result in partial collapse of the buildings and significant loss of life and property. numerical methods can be used to simulate the explosion and so as to study the interaction between them. recent advances in numerical methods and developments in high-performance computer facilities have enabled engineers to simulate complicated blast scenarios and subsequently to provide useful reference data for safeguarding design of critical infrastructure in the future. therefore, the blast response of a simply supported w150×24 steel beams under two different shots was studied using ls-dyna fe code. two different explosion modelling methods were used to apply the blast pressure on the steel beams. the maximum and residual deflection of beam then compared with the experiments available in literature. since dynamic loads are much more complicated than static loads, all the parameters which could possibly affect the results should be assigned carefully. hence, a comprehensive review on modelling techniques is explained in this paper. results indicated that the blast response of the steel beams can be predicted effectively in ls-dyna when using lbe method to apply blast pressure on beams. strain rate has significant effect on the response and cowper-symonds constants, c=3200 s-1 and p=5, provides more accurate results.

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