• characterization of a shape memory alloy hybrid composite plate subject to static loading

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     in this manuscript the design process of a sma wire-reinforced hybrid composite (smahc) plate is introduced in detail. the influence of various parameters on the overall behavior of the smahc plate is discussed. these parameters include: the mechanical behavior of the constituents (i.e. the host composite and sma), the sma volume fraction, the temperature dependent loading effects and the fabrication process. for that, a series of smahc plates were fabricated and tested under monotonic loading condition. the characteristics curves and formula for assessing the effect of the sma at different temperatures are presented. it would be demonstrated that the embedment of sma wires could improve the overall structural response of the host material in terms of stiffness and strength at elevated temperatures. also capability of the one dimensional constitutive models in predicting the macroscopic stress–strain behavior of smahc plates is verified experimentally.

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