• pullout tests conducted on clay reinforced with geogrid encapsulated in thin layers of sand

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    the interaction between reinforcement and backfill materials is a significant factor for analysis and design of reinforced earth structures which is simplified as pullout or direct shear resistance. this paper presents the results of pullout tests aimed at studying the interaction of clays reinforced with geogrids embedded in thin layers of sand. pullout tests were conducted after modification of the large direct shear apparatus. samples were prepared at optimum moisture content and maximum dry densities obtained from standard proctor compaction tests. tests were conducted on clay–geogrid, sand–geogrid and clay–sand–geogrid samples. a unidirectional geogrid with sand layer thicknesses of 6, 10 and 14 mm were used. results revealed that encapsulating geogrids in thin layers of sand under pullout conditions enhances pullout resistance of reinforced clay. for the clay–sand–geogrid samples an optimum sand layer thickness of 10 mm was determined, resulting in maximum pullout resistance which increased with increasing confining pressure. the optimum sand layer thickness was the same for all the normal pressures investigated. for sandy soils the passive earth pressure offered the most pullout resistance, whereas for clayey soils, it was replaced by frictional resistance. it is anticipated that provision of thin sand layers will provide horizontal drainage preventing pore pressure built up in clay backfills on saturation.

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