• marxist approach & baraka's dutchman

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    the black literature as one of the most dominant literary movements, genres, and features of modern american literature worth the better and deeper study. since the black literature, here especially american black drama, based on the social and racial concepts which show a kind of protesting and fighting with oppressions and discrimination which are dominant in the modern american society and according to the marxist view and blacks' ideal utopia that they wish in their writing, making and building this kind of ideal and utopian society needs facing with different challenges. baraka's dutchman tries to portray, symbolically and allegorically, the bitter reality which is in the american society. the writer of this paper tries to present a new analysis according to the african-american writers' prevailing and leading views which has been blended with marxist literary criticism for any kind of objection and protection against the whites' social norms which are based on sexual(gender), racial and social discrimination.

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