• the effect of oral summarizing of short stories on reading comprehension of elementary efl students

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    reading is an important language skill and a highly complicated act that everyone should learn. when a teacher teaches the reading technique in fact he or she can teaches some skills such as) writing, speaking, vocabulary items, grammar, and spelling and other language aspects) at the same time. so it is very important to students and teachers because the students can expand their world knowledge by it.l2 learners cans comprehending or understanding the meaning of the text by reading a text. also the learners must to comprehend what they read and then summarize it, so the teacher must enabling the learners to become more proficient readers in comprehend the text. some teachers use the short story to enhance students' reading proficiency. the short story is exciting to students. therefore, it makes students sensitive to the hidden and implied meaning. it is suitable techniqueto help students to enhance their reading comprehension skill. it is more effectively because of the motivational benefit in the stories. according to the richard and schmidt (2006), intensive reading is related to further progress in language learning under the teacher’s guidance. it provides a basis for explaining difficulties of structure and for extending knowledge of vocabulary and idiom.it has had a great impact on language teaching and learning. by short storiesthe teacher makes interest in students and helps them to enhance their vocabulary domain, critical thinking also by it their writing is better. birlik and salli-coper (2007) pointed out that short story are used as literacy genre in the foreign language classrooms, with all levels of language proficiency, all age groups and in many classroom activities (p. 93).also, they explained how a short story can be adapted in a university level intermediate efl class for three different language focuses: grammar, writing and speaking. the present study investigates the effects of oral summarizing of short stories on reading comprehension of elementary efl students.

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