• a study of domestication and foreignization strategies of cultural- specific items in translation of science fiction literature

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    as cais have specific meanings in the source culture, translating such elements are a kind of challenge for translators. according to venuti (5999), translation of texts from one culture into another usually requires more than a simple choice of translation procedures, namely domestication and foreignization. in any translation project, the initial decision between which procedures to adopt, either a domesticating or a foreignizing one may affect the whole translation process. the present research is a qualitative study of the translation of csis in science-fiction from english into persian. the goal of this study is to explore how translators domesticates or foreignizes, in different cultural domains, by different means, to different extents, with different degrees of consistency in translation of english version of french author (jules vern) in to persian in science fiction literature. for this purpose, twelve chapter of two english version of jules vern books were selected, based on some theories proposed by espindola and vasconcellos (2006), and molina and albir’s models of translation (2002:509), by contrasting each st-tl pair as the unit of translation, one hundred and ninety two instances of csis extracted and classified in to 10 of procedures of domestication and foreignization translation strategies that proposed by molina and albir. according to result of study, foreignization strategy is the superior strategy in translating english in to persian of culture-specific items in science fiction literature, although by putting aside calque procedure, it can be seen slight different between domestication and foreignization strategies.

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