• medicinal use of marijuana and its impacts on the respiratory system

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    medicinal use of marijuana and its impacts on the respiratory system

    there has been an increase in marijuana use in iran in recent years, especially among young people and adolescents, and there is a general belief that its use does not pose greater risks. in the current debate on legalizing marijuana, it is necessary to distinguish between medicinal and recreational use. there are few indications for its medicinal use approved by international health organizations, all based on synthetic derivatives for oral administration, and countless other indications based on studies with severe methodological shortcomings.

    additionally to the widely known deleterious psychosocial effects of marijuana, recreational usage is associated with chronic respiratory symptoms, local inflammation, and immunomodulatory effects on the respiratory system. the duration and amount of exposure have been linked to adverse health effects. copd, lung cancer, and lung function are negative. marijuana consumption should not be recommended for recreational purposes without any restrictions since it may negatively affect personal and public health in the future.

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