• on the characteristics of ground motion and the improvement of the input mode of complex layered sites

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    on the characteristics of ground motion and the improvement of the input mode of complex layered sites

    it is a hot research topic to perform the dynamic interaction analysis between the engineering structure and the soil by using the time-domain method. this paper studies the seismic behaviour of the layered sites and the seismic response of the structures using the viscous-spring artificial boundary theory. the artificial boundary model of viscous-spring is initially based on homogeneous foundation.

    for the layered site (foundation), the traditional homogeneous model or equivalent load input mode is not suitable, which may bring great error. by introducing the changes of coefficients and phases of reflection and transmission of seismic waves at the interface between layers, an improved method of equivalent load input mode of traditional viscous-spring artificial boundary model is proposed.

    this new wave model can simulate the propagation law of seismic wave in layered site more accurately, which is available for the seismic performance of engineering structure under the condition of large and complex layered site. at last, the simplified homogeneous model, the equivalent load input method and the improved layered model input method are used to study the seismic response of the engineering example. it is shown that the results calculated by the three methods are different, which shows that the homogeneous foundation model and the conventional equivalent load input method of seismic wave cannot simulate the seismic force accurately, whereas the improved wave input model can better reflect the characteristic of traveling wave in layered sites.

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