• technical evaluation of the pedestrians’ model on the roads within the city (case study: gilan province)

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    since the adverse effects of each accident is subordinated to its direct severity, in studies of the traffic safety, has been tried a lot for providing the severity models to identify the severity factors of the adverse effects of the accidents. in this research, the modeling of the pedestrian accidents severity has been evaluated by using the dual logistic regression and three methods. in the number one and two methods, the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variables respectively was investigated separately (enter method) and integrated in the model (forward stepwise method). in the third method, first the primary independent variables have been reduced to the fewer variables by using a multi variables statistical method as the analysis to factors method, the variables and then the new variables relationship with the dependent variable, was analyzed by using the logistic regression. the dependent variable in the following models is the pedestrian accidents severity in two injury and fatal categories.

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