• investigation on porous polynvinylchoride (pvc) hollow fiber membrance contactor and its application for co2 absorption using distillation water

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    in this research, polyvinylchloride (pvc) hollow fiber membranes were fabricated with phase inversion method and were used for co2 absorption. methanol and ethanol were added to the polymer solution as nonsolvent additive to increase the rate of phase inversion. performance of pvc and effects of nonsolvent on the properties and structure of pvc hollow fibers membrane in terms of mean pore size, membrane porosity and contact angle was studied and compared with each other. additionally, the performance of fabricated hollow fiber membranes in contactor application in terms of co2 absorption with distilled water in two cases was examined. at vliquid = 2.58 m s-1, the absorption flux of pvc membrane was 8.6 x 10-3 mol m-2 s-1.

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