• sonnet story in shams tabrizi,s poetic works

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    mulana has revealed in various ways his free thought about belief and fundamental issues that is rooted in his worldview. this article is a inquiry about sonnet story in potical works of shams tabrizi and saying poetry which is all the secrets  and while is also considered as long meaning of  kind of narrative and story. in her sonnets, mulana presents controversial stories to the audience through the flow of mental fluid so that everyone understands his inner message and his inner secrets. the methodology which followed by rumi is to present a story that a throughout a sonnet which leads to the conclousion of story beyond the color. he narrate a story in his works and say the myth , but he open a getway toward meaning imagination world in every story and myth and he uses the method of meaning,  allegory , ciphers and symbols in the description his purposes more loudly in form of sonnet and short story . he trgards the liberation of the belongs and terrestrial contaminations along with the decline of obstacles and dignity as a tool for reaching onself principle.

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