• the role of adipose derived stem cells, smooth muscle cells and low intensity laser irradiation (lili) in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

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     tissue engineering and regenerative medicine has become the treatment of choice for several degenerative diseases. it involves the repairing or replacing of diseased or damaged cells or tissues. stem cells have a key role to play in this multidisciplinary science because of their capacity to differentiate into several lineages. adipose derived stem cells (adscs) are adult mesenchymal stem cells that are easily harvested and have the capacity to differentiate into cartilage, bone, smooth muscle, fat, liver and nerve cells. adscs have been found to differentiate into smooth muscle cells which play major roles in diseases such as asthma, hypertension, cancer and arteriosclerosis. low intensity laser irradiation (lili), which involves the application of monochromatic light, has been found to increase viability, proliferation and differentiation in several types of cells including adscs. this review discusses the role of adscs, smooth muscle cells and lili in the science of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

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