• nanostructuring and thermoelectric characterization of (gasb)3(1−x)(ga2te3) x

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     gasb is a promising thermoelectric material that exhibits good electrical properties. however, it has a high lattice thermal conductivity (κ lat). nanostructured bulk materials have been attracting interest because they effectively scatter phonons, significantly reducing κ lat. agpb m sbte m+2 (last-m) compounds have recently been reported to have low κ lat. these compounds have a nacl structure, similar to that of binary pbte, where ag and sb occupy the pb site. in these compounds, two divalent pb atoms are replaced with a monovalent ag atom and a trivalent sb atom to maintain charge compensation. in the present study, we reduced κ lat of gasb by applying the same principle as in last-m. specifically, we substituted te for sb and generated vacancies at the ga site to maintain charge compensation. this produced compounds with chemical compositions of (gasb)3(1−x)(ga2te3) x (x = 0, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.25), where gasb and ga2te3 both have the zincblende crystal structure. we employed two different annealing conditions: annealing at 833 k followed by quenching, and annealing at 833 k followed by cooling to room temperature over 3 days. the former annealed samples with compositions of x = 0.05 and 0.10 had nanoscale ga-rich precipitates and exhibited a large reduction in κ lat.

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