• prediction of hydrodynamic forces on tlps at different angles of incidence

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     this paper reports on the prediction of the unsteady hydrodynamic forces that act on a floating tension leg platform (tlp) due to the action of a steady current. the geometry of interest is shown schematically in fig.a computational fluid dynamics (cfd) package is used to perform three-dimensional, time dependent simulations. the effects of turbulence on the flow field are accounted for using large-eddy simulations (les). results are obtained for reynolds number (based on column diameter) of 7.5x106, which is a representative of those encountered in deep-sea operations. experiments and field observations have indicated that the resulting flows exhibit a number of complicated features due to the existence of periodic vortex shedding in the wake. many but not all of these features were captured by the present computations which utilized the volume of fluid (vof) algorithm to track the evolution of the free surface [12]. an assessment of the importance of allowing for the movement of the free surface rather than inhibiting it by the adoption of the more commonly used rigid-lid approximation is presented in this paper.

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