• women of iran: a short history from the ancient to the rise of feminism

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    women of iran: a short history from the ancient to the rise of feminism

    the present paper's primary focus is to study iran's women’s status from its pre-historic time to the raise of feminism in the beginning of the 20th century, and the type of treatment women have received through different stage of religious and political governing of iran would be discussed. from matrifocal societies of pre-historic iran and high socio-economic authorities, iranian women have faced new religious restrictions by the end of sassanian empire like being kept isolated from family members and society in their monthly periods.

    indeed, after arrival of islam to iran, the sharia law limited women in other different ways and apart from women who got into politics and power and played an influential role in socio-political events, women in general could not live independently through the islamic period until early the 20th century and the constitutional revolution. after the success of constitutional movements, women found a stablished identity without guardianship of their fathers or husbands. however, the islamic revolution of 1979 limited women, again in new ways but the recognition of women as individual citizens remained and kept the chances for future women developments.

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