• indirect boundary element method applied to fluid–solid interfaces

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     in this paper scattering of elastic waves in fluid–solid interfaces is investigated. we use the indirect boundary element method to study this wave propagation phenomenon in 2d models. three models are analyzed: a first one with an interface between two half-spaces, one fluid on the top part and the other solid in the bottom; a second model including a fluid half-space above a layered solid; and finally, a third model with a fluid layer bounded by two solid half-spaces. the source, represented by hankel's function of the second kind, is always applied in the fluid. this indirect formulation can give to the analyst a deep physical insight on the generated diffracted waves because it is closer to the physical reality and can be regarded as a realization of huygens' principle. in any event, mathematically it is fully equivalent to the classical somigliana's representation theorem. in order to gauge accuracy we test our method by comparing with an analytical solution known as discrete wave number. a near interface pulse generates scattered waves that can be registered by receivers located in the fluid and it is possible to infer wave velocities of solids. results are presented in both time and frequency domain, where several aspects related to the different wave types that emerge from this kind of problems are pointed out.

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