• effect of thin hydrophobic films for toluene adsorption and desorption behavior on activated carbon fiber under dry and humid conditions

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     the toluene adsorption and desorption behavior of bare activated carbon fibers (acfs) and those with a thin hydrophobic coating were studied. acf surfaces were made hydrophobic by evaporating polydimethylsiloxane (pdms) on afcs under atmospheric pressure condition. in the breakthrough curve of bare-acf for toluene under humid air condition, the roll-up phenomenon towards toluene adsorption was observed. this was attributed to the substitution of the adsorbed toluene by water on acf, leading to a rise of outlet concentration above the inlet concentration with a decrease in the amount of adsorbed toluene. compared to bare-acf, a superior selectivity and adsorption capacity for toluene was observed on the acfs coated with pdms. it is suggested that the pdms-coating can increase the removal efficiency of acf for toluene under humid air condition.

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