• photogalvanic conversion of solar energy into electrical energy by using nals–xylose–methylene blue system

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     photogalvanic cells having different surfactants, reductants and photosensitizers have been tried to get the better electrical output and storage capacity. through literature survey shows that system having nals as a surfactant, xylose as a reductant and methylene blue as a photosensitizer has not been explored to get the required results and achievements so the efforts have been made by the system in photogalvanic cell to get better electrical output (i.e. photopotential 834 mv, photocurrent 90 μa, power and power at power point are 75.06 μw and 32.72 μw) and also good storage capacity i.e. 55 min in dark. the observed conversion efficiency and fill factor for this is 0.31%, 0.363%. the effect of different parameter like ph, diffusion length on electrical output of the cell was also studied and tentative mechanism for the generation of photocurrent was also purposed.

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