• mechanical properties of as-cast microalloyed steels produced via investment casting

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     tensile and room temperature charpy v-notch impact tests were used to evaluate the variations in the as-cast mechanical properties of a low-carbon steel produced via shell mould investment casting and containing combinations of vanadium, niobium and titanium. tensile results indicate that the yield strength and ultimate tensile strength (uts) have increased up to respectively 615 mpa and 770 mpa due to the fine-scale microalloy precipitates in the microalloyed samples. room temperature impact test results show that while addition of vanadium individually has not changed the impact energy, nb has decreased it considerably. however, examination of fracture surfaces reveals that all microalloyed samples have failed by transgranular cleavage. based on the transmission electron microscope (tem) studies, it seems that carbonitrides being greater than 50 nm in size and formed along prior austenite grain boundaries before γtransformation are responsible for the observed reduction in impact energies and brittle fracture. in comparison to sand mould casting, the yield and uts obtained from investment casting are superior. furthermore, although the impact energies of nb-containing alloys are approximately the same as those obtained from sand moulds, the impact energy of the alloy containing only vanadium has improved considerably.

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