• compressive properties of cd-ha-gelatin modified intrasynovial tendon allograft in canine model in vivo

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    although we sometimes use the intrasynovial tendon allograft as a donor, the gliding ability of allograft prepared by lyophilization is significantly decreased. the gliding ability of the grafted tendon after tendon reconstruction is very important because the high gliding resistance causes more adhesion and leads to poor clinical results. we recently revealed that tendon surface treatment with a carbodiimide derivatized ha (cd-ha)-gelatin mixture for intrasynovial tendon allograft significantly improved its gliding ability. the purpose of this study was to investigate whether this cd-ha-gelatin treatment affects the tendon mechanical property or not. a total of 40 flexor digitorum profundus (fdp) tendons from canines were evaluated for compressive property by using indentation test. indentation stiffness was measured for normal tendon, rehydrated tendon after lyophilization, rehydrated tendon after lyophilization that was implanted 6 weeks in vivo, and cd-ha treated rehydrated tendon after lyophilization that was implanted 6 weeks in vivo. the results for all groups showed no significant difference in the tendon compressive properties. the findings of these results demonstrate that cd-ha treatment for intrasynovial tendon allograft is an excellent method to improve the tendon gliding ability after lyophilization without changing the compressive property of donor tendon.

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