• consequence modeling , a new approach and necessary tools for permanent production cases study : south pars gas complete phases 2&3 condensate stabilization unit and slug catcher

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    all processes have a risk potential. in order to manage risks effectively, they must be estimated. since risk is a combination of frequency and consequence (or impact) analysis is a necessary step in the risk management process. the objective of this article is to review the rang of models currently available for consequence analysis. some material on these models is readily available, either in the general literature or as part of the aiche/ccps publication series. consequence modeling is a vital tools direct to permanent production and increases the safety of plant with people who work on it . finding the fire zone , impacted and restricted area of the units , gas train in the gas refinarie and not only in design of the new plant but also through several modification request will be helpful. consequence analysis to achieve a conservative result. all models, including consequence models, have uncertainties. these uncertainties arise due to (1) an incomplete understanding of the geometry of the release, that is, hole size, (2) unknown or poorly characterized physical properties, (3) a poor understanding of the chemical or release process, and (4) unknown or poorly understood mixture behavior, to name a few. in this lecture , we study who to decreases the uncertainties due to the plant permanent production. a case study related to slug catcher and condensate stabilization unit in phases 2&3 with the phast6.53 soft ware are presented and will be compare with aloha soft ware. this study already has been done in khangiran gas refinery for the sour gas pipe line more than two years ago by the author and has a good benefit. consequence modeling are achievable for all gas refineries in iran. for permanent production, is a necessary tools. this article alredy has awarded in ghatar gas conference.

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