• identify the cities sustainability affection of the income-generating components within the city case study urban tourism in kurdistan of iran

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    cities are viewed as an open system, that is constantly affected by the environment and get impact of environment too, it had a hasty development after the industrial revolution and continues. meanwhile, provide comfort to human life, but the adverse effects on the environment and on the body and soul of the inhabitants. these effects have to humans mind, led to make a way, which sustainable development was raised from the templates, solutions and the arguments. but according to sustainable development, particularly in urban sustainable development, needs to be aligned to provide a context for various aspects of sustainable development indicators such as: social welfare, proper use of natural resources in order to keep and to attract tourists, prevent contaminants emission in order to environmental sustainability and repulsion towards tourists, and many other factors are. based on research conducted in developing countries related to urban tourism and sustainable development has received much attention, as it is referred to as the key in sustainable development. in this paper, a questionnaire was designed to prove this relationship. it were distributed between heritage and municipal staff in kourdistan. validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts. amos software was used to determine the relationships between variables and model the data, and finally the development of tourism infrastructure to attract more capital and inject it in the city to facilitate the sustainable development is proposed. 

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