• production and application of amylases of rhizopus oryzae and rhizopus microsporus var. oligosporus from industrial waste in acquisition of glucose

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     amylases from rhizopus oryzae and rhizopus microsporus var. oligosporus were obtained using agro-industrial wastes as substrates in submerged batch cultures. the enzymatic complex was partially characterised for use in the production of glucose syrup. type ii wheat flour proved better than cassava bagasse as sole carbon source for amylase production. the optimum fermentation condition for both microorganisms was 96 hours at 30°c and the amylase thus produced was used for starch hydrolysis. the product of the enzymatic hydrolysis indicated that the enzyme obtained was glucoamylase, only glucose as final product was attained for both microorganisms. r. oligosporus was of greater interest than r. oryzae for amylase production, taking into account enzyme activity, cultivation time, thermal stability and ph range. glucose syrup was produced using concentrated enzyme and 100 g l−1 starch in a 4 hours reaction at 50°c. the bioprocess studied can contribute to fungus glucoamylase production and application.

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