• emergency cooling down of fast-neutron reactors by natural convection (a review)

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     various methods for emergency cooling down of fast-neutron reactors by natural convection are discussed. the effectiveness of using natural convection for these purposes is demonstrated. the operating principles of different passive decay heat removal systems intended for cooling down a reactor are explained. experimental investigations carried out in russia for substantiating the removal of heat in cooling down fast-neutron reactors are described. these investigations include experimental works on studying thermal hydraulics in small-scale simulation facilities containing the characteristic components of a reactor (reactor core elements, above-core structure, immersed and intermediate heat exchangers, pumps, etc.). it is pointed out that a system that uses leaks of coolant between fuel assemblies holds promise for fast-neutron reactor cooldown purposes. foreign investigations on this problem area are considered with making special emphasis on the ramona and neptun water models. a conclusion is drawn about the possibility of using natural convection as the main method for passively removing heat in cooling down fast-neutron reactors, which is confirmed experimentally both in russia and abroad.

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