• strategies for fostering good culture in children

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    strategies for fostering good culture in children

    the value of a country is as old as its culture and background. the survival of a culture also depends directly on the breast-to-breast transmission of its components. the building of a culture is the myths and patterns that have had a significant behavior and action and cause the dynamism and progress of that society; patterns that are nurtured within that culture. these cultures and values are continued and protected by our children and the future, and this can not be achieved unless they are properly educated in family and school settings, which require making the right decisions in the upper echelons of government and its proper implementation in the media. collectively, coaches and anything else that can be a good solution.therefore, in the present study, which has been done in a library method, we intend to discuss what good culture is and strategies for its upbringing in children. finally, we came to the conclusion that the most appropriate culture in our society is the religious culture, the strategies for its upbringing in children have been studied in this research.

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