• oub: a scalable grid-based surface-representation for realtime high-resolution rendering

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     in this paper, we present a scalable solution for high-resolution surface representation of a 3d surface. to achieve this, we introduce an orthogonal unified buffer (oub) which is an extension of the layered depth cube as an alternative to the orthogonal frame buffer (ofb). the oub re-samples the surface uniformly while conserving data locality build on previous approaches. compared to the ofb, the oub achieves significant improvement in scalability, which enables further high-resolution representation of 3d models having various depth-complexities. it also guarantees plausible memory efficiency, independent of an object’s shape or topology. our method is built and performed on the gpu and it only uses atomic operation of modern gpu, thus, it is well suited for real-time application. in addition, since the oub can be is generally used in various graphics applications, we briefly show high-resolution 3d painting, curvature estimation and particle system based on the oub.

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