• thermal instability in a rotating porous layer saturated by a non-newtonian nanofluid with thermal conductivity and viscosity variation

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    • تاریخ انتشار در تی پی بین: 1392/07/24
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     the stability of a non-newtonian nanofluid saturated horizontal rotating porous layer subjected to thermal conductivity and viscosity variation is investigated using linear and nonlinear stability analyses. the model used for the non-newtonian nanofluid includes the effects of brownian motion and thermophoresis. the darcy law for the non-newtonian nanofluid of the oldroyd type is used to model the momentum equation. the linear theory based on the normal mode method, and the criteria for both stationary and oscillatory modes are derived analytically. a weak nonlinear analysis based on the minimal representation of truncated fourier series method containing only two terms is used to compute the concentration and thermal nusselt numbers. the results obtained during the analysis are presented graphically.

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