• effect of soil behavior model on drilling response of anchor-reinforced excavation

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    effect of soil behavior model on drilling response of anchor-reinforced excavation

    although the reinforced elements such as nailing and anchor have been widely used for the stability of excavation and trench because of not taking up a large space, improved soil properties by injection, greater safety, and the possibility of being used as a permanent retaining structure.

    due to the complex behavior of reinforced excavation, the stability analysis of reinforced excavation is performed by the finite element method. some factors such as boundary interval, dimensions and type of elements, and type of behavior model of materials affect the numerical results. due to the complex behavior of the soil stress-strain, influence from stress path and loading history, and the existence of groundwater, different behavior models have been proposed to simulate the materials. in this study, the effect of the soil behavior model on the response of anchored excavation was investigated.

    for this purpose, using the finite element method in the plane strain conditions, the excavation reinforced with the anchorage system was simulated for different geometrical conditions, and the results of the excavation response were compared for the mohr-coulomb, drucker-prager, and modified cam-clay behavior models. in the shallow excavation, it was found that the mohr-coulomb behavior model has the least displacement, and the drucker-prager behavior model has the largest lateral displacement.

    the drucker-prager behavior model should be considered as a reliable criterion for the design and control of the excavation because of the greater results regarding the lateral displacement of excavation and generally, excavation deformation.

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