• evaluation of strength behaviour of cement-rha stabilized and polypropylene fiber reinforced clay-sand mixtures

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    in this paper, regarding the high availability of rice husk ash (rha) in guilan province, also, to decrease the geo-environmental issues caused by dumping rha in the environment, different clay-sand mixtures are stabilized using the combination of cement and rha. polypropylene (pp) fibers are also used to decrease the growth of tensile cracks and increase the overall strength of samples. as the main scope, effect of sand content (in different conditions: with and without presence of rha) on the compressive strength of stabilized and reinforced samples is investigated. in this regard, 28 day cured clay-sand samples are prepared and unconfined compressive strength (ucs) tests are conducted and the results are compared. it is obtained that with addition of 20% sand to the clay samples, their ucs increases in both cases of non-rha and rha-stabilized samples. moreover, such behavior has been observed with the length of studied pp fibers. as the second scope, based on the conducted ucs tests on the 7-, 28- and 90- day cured clay samples, compressive strength of non-rha samples are almost completely achieved in a 28-day curing period, while samples containing rha continue to strengthening after such a period toward a 90-day curing period. next, a simple relationship for the prediction of ucs of cement-rha stabilized and pp reinforced clay is presented based on the evolutionary polynomial regression (epr) technique. this relationship can be efficiently applied by construction engineers to obtain the appropriate mixture design for the stabilization of clay with cement, rha and pp fibers.

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