• study of biomass bottom ash efficiency as phosphate sorbent material

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    study of biomass bottom ash efficiency as phosphate sorbent material

    excessive richness of nutrients in water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ponds lead into deterioration of aquatic life as a results of dense growth of algae. phosphate is one of the main nutrients that should be controlled to prevent this serious issue. utilizing low cost material as a phosphate sorbent is offering a treatment method characterized as a sustainable solution. in this study the efficiency of biomass bottom ash bba as phosphate sorbent material from aqueous solution is investigated. batch experiments were undertaken, in which a particular mass of bba was brought into contact with the phosphate solution. the experiments studied the influence of ph (different phosphate solutions were prepared with ph range 4 to 8), temperature (adsorption capacity measured at the temperature range of 10 to 30 °c), and contact time. in addition, the adsorption isotherm models were also applied to better understand the mechanism of phosphate sorption by bba. the results revealed that the bonding between the cations (bba surface) and anions (phosphate solution) is significantly affected by the ph of the solution. bba presents an excellent phosphate sorption, especially, at low ph value and temperature around 20 oc. the method of this research can be adopted as a followed strategy for examination the capability of selected material for phosphorus removal from wastewater.

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