• a comprehensive dynamic model for class-1 tensegrity systems based on quaternions

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     in this paper we propose a new dynamic model, based on quaternions, for tensegrity systems of class-1. quaternions are used to represent orientations of a rigid body in the 3-dimensional space eliminating the problem of singularities. moreover, the equations based on quaternions allow to perform more precise calculations and simulations because they do not use trigonometric functions for the representation of angles. we present a thorough introduction of tensegrities and the current state of research. we also introduce the quaternions and provide in the appendix some important details and useful properties. applying the euler–lagrange approach we derive a comprehensive dynamic model, first for a simple rigid bar in the space and, at last, for a class-1 tensegrity system. we present two model forms: a matrix and a vectorial form. the first more compact and easier to write, the latter more suitable to apply the tools and the theory based on vector fields.

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